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Celebrating 22
Rockin' Years!


All good things come to pass as they sometimes say, so it comes with mixed feelings that we announce the dissolution of HOTROD. After almost 23 years, the boys, Barry Petrillo, George Fatizzi, Frank Casciaro, Eric Letterio and Paul Fatrosso are moving on. Some of us will no doubt join other musical situations while others may take a much deserved break from gigging. We'll see.

We all very much do want to thank our loyal fans (hotheads) and our customer base who have supported us. To be sure, it's been a singular pleasure playing for you all at the municipal parks, county fairs, backyard BBQs and clubs over these many, many years. We hope you've enjoyed our renditions of your favorite tunes from the 60s to the 90s as much as we did learning them and putting them out there for you.

We have loved playing for you and we'll really miss your applause. Take care and we'll see you around.

Check out the GIGS page. Lots of new shows added for the summer.
We're headed back to Hunter Mountain to celebrate an early New Year's Eve party. More details to come.
We're back with WBPM 92.9 Radio as their official house band. Look on their website for some upcoming engagements with HOTROD.
Park gigs are booking up. Update coming soon on GIGS page.
LAST MINUTE BOOKING: Come join us at Hunter Mountain for their annual Oktoberfest Celebration on October 2nd.

Big thanks to Craig Aaron for helping HOTROD be a big success at Kingston's 4th of July Celebration. Click on picture.


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