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Eric Letterio is keyboardist/vocalist in the band and a founding member of HOTROD. He started out musically in grade school glee clubs, then high school chorus and choir staying mainly interested in harmony vocals, even rehearsing one summer with a chorale society called The Poughkeepsie New Yorkers. All the while he plinked away at the old upright piano, eventually buying a cheap Acetone organ in order to jam with some friends in their garage. One day after much poking and prodding by a high school friend, he tried out with a Sha-Na-Na style 50's group that was eventually to be called Bobby & The Starfires.

For the next ten or so years, he played in the wedding bands Image, and Pinnacle. Then dabbled with new country music in The Berkshire Spurs. After jamming around for the next three years, Eric landed a fill-in position with the Newburgh band Take Five. That's where he met up with Barry Petrillo. After two years, Take Five went through some personnel changes and reformed into today's HOTROD band.


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