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George has been singing and drumming for 40 yrs. He has been a driving force with Hot Rod since 2001. He's a versatile drummer and singer who has played with some of the most talented musicians the Hudson Valley has had to offer. The genres have spanned everything from swing, big band and country to motown, soul, blues,rock and pop. George once had the opportunity to play with late local legends Larry Hoppen of Orleans fame on a pick-up wedding gig and super studio session musician Rob Leon on some recordings for Kingston based Ivory Rose band. He has also given drum lessons in the past to many promising young drummers. In the late 80's, the original rock band Teaser he was part of almost landed a record deal with Atlantic records. In that same time frame, he had the opportunity to warm up for musicians who went on to play with Alice Cooper Steve Vai and David Lee Rothe. George considers himself a "musical" drummer, not only because he sings but because he approaches the drums as musical instruments that are tuned to sing as well. In other words, he prides himself in a drum set that sounds great no matter what brand or cost of the drums. He believes that it is an important and integral part of the whole band's sound and it is always what he has tried to bring to the table no matter what band he has been a part of. He lives, breathes and LOVES the drums! George is humbled and proud to continually be a contributing part of HOTROD for the past 18 years and hopes to be for 18 more!


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